The Instructors are a talented collective of Atlanta-based musicians who create a unique and eclectic blend of styles stemming from the sounds of reggae, funk, and jazz music. Bolstering a diverse array of influences, their catchy hooks and melodic guitar lines rest atop a tight-knit rhythm section that has been captivating audiences since 2012. 

Consummate road warriors, The Instructors frequent the gig scene playing bars, clubs, & theatres across the country; sharing the stage with the likes of The Wailers, The English Beat, Ludacris, Sugar Ray, G Jones, Bleep Bloop, Sun-Dried Vibes, and TreeHouse - The Instructors bring a live show with a highly energetic groove laced with exploratory improvisations.

They have also broken into the regional festival scene, including appearances at Pass the Good Fest, Friendship Music & Arts fest, Surrounded By the Sound Fest, Alphapalooza, Camp Reggae, and Atlanta's Peach Drop. 

The Instructors create "a fantastic mix of intensity and dynamics," said Dave Wakeling of The English Beat/General Public who added, "I watched very curiously and intently."


Russell McLaughlin - Guitar, Keys, Vocals
Daniel Broome - Bass
Justin Gargala - Drums

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